About Us

Praise be to God a group of Iraqi youth have worked to create an integrated digital educational system basically aims to learn skills to everyone who needs it with nominal wages added to find chances for Graduates and specialists and also to those who don’t have the ability on training and developing in various fields .

(With the development of modern technologies, the world has become one village) it is a term we read a lot and we have heard it more than once which contain more challenges , despite of modern techniques ,it has worked to facilitate and simplify things in various fields as telecom,industrial,agriculture,energitcs and others,but these challenges would be more difficult in learning various skills So that people could keep up with this rapid development.

Because illiteracy is different in its forms , it would mean as a characteristic to anyone who can not read or write ,whereas it became to characterize those who can not use computers but now it is a sign to persons who do not have any enough skills in developing jobs. Based on this principle, we set out to create a digital platform that works to facilitate the connection between specialists in different fields and between those who wish to develop their skills in order to agree in their work. And for this academy to be an extension of the civilization of the forefathers to the sons of Mesopotamia


A platform that facilitates the teaching and learning process with modern technology

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