Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I register on the platform?
Answer: Click on the link (Create account) from the main page and then fill in all the fields, and then an email will be sent to the postal address that was entered to confirm the account, noting that the mobile number is entered in the format (07XXXXXXXXX).

2- I did not receive any e-mail on my e-mail after registration, and I could not confirm the account?
Answer: In some cases, the arrival of the account confirmation email may be delayed and the received mail may be classified as (spam). Therefore, it is necessary to search the (spam) folder or the (promotions) if it is not found in the inbox.

3- I received a confirmation email, but I cannot click (click here to confirm)?
Answer: Some e-mail service providers classify e-mail (spam) and its contents as a threat to the user, and therefore the links are disabled and therefore the e-mail must be approved as not (spam) for the purpose of enabling links.

4- How do I participate in a course?
• One of the courses is selected by clicking on the (Courses) link on the main page, then selecting one of the categories and entering it by clicking on the category name and then clicking on View Details to display the course information page.
• Click on (Subscribe now) and login information will be requested if you have not logged in previously.
• The bank card information will then be requested (if the course is not free) and it will be entered and pressed to pay now. The specified amount will be deducted as the price of the course, and the user will be added to the course page automatically.
• If a Master or Visa card is not available, choose (payment platform or cash) and then press (Create and pay an invoice). Pop-ups must be allowed to appear by changing the browser settings (allowing pop-ups to appear) and a new window will open to complete the payment process By entering the invoice number, which will arrive via text message on the number used when registering, then press (Enter), then enter the card number, complete the payment process, return to our website, and enter the invoice number by pressing (Confirm your payment on a payment platform).
• Or pay cash by visiting us.

5- Payment was successful, what is the next step?
Answer: Entering the course page, clicking (Go to the course), and entering the same login information to the site to enter the online class page.


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